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Novelty is one of the most paramount criteria that decide whether an invention can be considered to be patentable. We conduct the patentability search not only to assists the client in determining the scope of patent protection to be sought, but withal the approach that may be adopted in drafting the patent specification. We provide a detailed patentability analysis and opinion by considering various aspects relating to patentability of an invention, thus helps to understand the scope of protection that might be derived if a patent is granted to the invention. Our extensive experience in conducting patentability searches for inventions relating to a wide array of technology domains and good understanding of the patent law, enable us to provide valuable advice to our clients..

Our Freedom to Operate / Clearance or Right-to-Use Search identifies the third party enforceable patents and patent publications which helps the client in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular jurisdiction. FTO study is a proactive step towards mitigating patent risks, and is considered by numerous technology companies as an essential study that has to be conducted prior to introducing a product to the market. Product specification / invention disclosure are compared with the claim language of the patents. We conducts a comprehensive analysis of all relevant patents, applications published and non-patent literature to defend the "Freedom-to-Operate" status of the technology in utilization with reverence to all blocking patent claims. Legal status of the enforced patents and patent publications is also provided with this report.

Our State of the Art Search services are sought by clients who wish to identify the status of any current developments in their technology of interest. Our search covers US, EPO, WIPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions. We identify granted patents and patent applications, and the key players in particular technology for all such clients. We additionally exhaustively search non-patent literatures, including related electronically available journals, websites, technical literatures, manuals, books, articles and blogs. Our search report cites details of the relevant patent / prior art documents, along with the detailed analysis.

Our Chemical Structure Search includes exact, substructure, similar structure, fragments and Markush structure search, utilizing prominent industry standard databases. Our chemical structure searching team can perform in-depth analysis of Markush structure and are capable of searching chemical compounds by molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, ring size and other chemical attributes.

Our Sequence Search report includes the comparison of sequences in order to find similarity, often to infer if they are related (homologous), identification of intrinsic features of the sequence such as active sites, post-translational modification sites, gene-structures, reading frames, distributions of introns and exons and regulatory elements, identification of sequence differences and variations such as point mutations and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in order to extract the genetic marker, revealing the evolution and genetic diversity of sequences and organisms and identification of molecular structure from sequence alone.


Patent Drafting is the art of techno-legal writing to cover various features of an invention in an indited form. With the substantial amount of experience in patent drafting, we understand, analyze, interpret and draft patent applications to perfection. We follow a comprehensive and a meticulous approach to encompass all aspects of the invention, including current and future designs and applications, ascertaining complete protection. We have a strong team of patent agents and technologist, who work in systematic internal processes to understand the invention and deliver quality patent drafts. Our patent drafting team can expertly draft provisional and non-provisional patent applications in various domains of science and technology.

Our team includes patent agents in India, who are well versed with the procedural requirements of filing patent applications in the Indian Patent Office. We cater our clients’ requirements of filing convention applications under the Paris Convention and National phase applications under the PCT route, in the Indian Patent office. Further, we have partnered with several patent attorneys overseas to facilitate filing of patent applications outside India.

We cater in providing filing of Patent applications emphasized by a proactive post filing approach to minimize formal rejections / objections raised by the patent offices. We provide services in filing ordinary application, convention application, PCT national phase application, application for patent of addition and divisional application.

The Patent Drawings / Patent Illustrations form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention. Our team has experience working on illustrations from all technologies, for utility and design patent applications in compliance with specifications of USPTO, EPO, and other jurisdictions.

We have extensive experience in assisting various corporations, IP and law firms around the globe and in preparing complete response to rejections / objections raised by the local patent offices. The quality of every OAR is maintained by an internal three level quality check – review of technical inputs by a technology expert, legal review by a patent agent, and bibliographic data / formatting by peers. We are committed to provide accurate technical inputs in a time bound fashion with an appreciable cost advantage.


We provide Validity and Invalidity Search, which avails to corroborate patent's enforceability or its invalidity. We conduct an exhaustive patent and non-patent literature searches to identify the prior art literatures for patent that has to be invalidated. We provide consummate insight on the probability of invalidating the patent. Potential prior arts along with the bibliographic details are included in the report. The report further includes mapping of the pertinent text of the identified prior art literatures. Further, antecedent and enablement issues, non-compliance to obligation of disclosure etc. are withal analyzed to make the report more concrete. Further, we punctiliously scope the search to fixate on the most pertinent sources.

Infringement Analysis identifies the products whose technology infringes the technology of the client’s patent. We understand the criticality of infringement search and analysis for companies, and address the same by providing both, literal infringement and / or doctrine of equivalence, which helps to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an subsisting claim, with our opinion relating to infringement. We provide an intensive analysis report with a claim chart of a patent and identify the elements of the claims using our established methodology to identify the infringement of a device or process in reference to the patent claim.

Our Chemical Structure Search includes exact, substructure, similar structure, fragments and Markush structure search, utilizing prominent industry standard databases. Our chemical structure searching team can perform in-depth analysis of Markush structure and are capable of searching chemical compounds by molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, ring size and other chemical attributes.


We understand the technology domain of our client’s interest to conduct an exhaustive patent and non-patent literature search with its detailed analysis. We provide a patent landscape report to understand the particular technology or domain, its evolution, strength, technology leaders and their IP strategies, technological positioning and their chronological changes with their filing trends. We consider competitive situating in terms of technical innovation afore devising a comprehensive patent landscape strategy. Our landscape reports enable our clients to understand and analyze their R&D programs and IP strategies against their competitors to make better strategic business decisions. Our experienced professionals perform rigorous data mining, data analysis and data visualization to engender a patent landscape report.

We perform the detailed study of a competitor’s patent portfolio, analysis for identifying the granted patents and published patent applications owned by a company, comparing their patent portfolio with another company/competitor’s patent portfolio; to identify the strength and weakness, opportunities and threat of their portfolio, providing the complete insight of the portfolio. The patent portfolio is analyzed and segregated in a way avails to understand the competition preponderant. The analysis search report can help to strategize IP investment. Portfolio Analysis is found to be profoundly utilizable in understanding competitors, mergers and acquisitions, determining patent filing trends, and identifying key innovators in competitor’s company, among other uses.

Our Whitespace Analysis is performed to explore technology voids where competitive advantage can be gained by bending the R&D in a particular direction so as to block other competitors exploiting those spaces. Our white-space analysis provides the charts showing the technology growth and determining the white-gap areas in patented and non-patented literature, where further R&D can be done to carry out incremental innovation for the development of a new product.

We conduct the market research to analyze the prospects of a market. We fortify our clients in understanding the potential of their product or service in the market. Our expertise in the business research and prodigious database resources enables us to provide keenly intellective insights like the total size of a market, the competitors in the market, availability of kindred products in the market and the future trends in the market. We utilize sundry approaches depending on the client needs and designation, to analyze the market size.

Our Patent Watch service includes the Technology Patent Watch, Legal Status Patent Watch, Competitor Patent Watch and Market Watch. We carry out company and inventor based searches to keep clients periodically updated about the upcoming technologies, competitor’s published applications and patent grants with their legal status; to identify various business opportunities. We formulate comprehensive strategy to capture the most relevant patent information from various jurisdictions, providing summarized results based on the requirement and / or importance to the client, thus enabling the client to take effective decisions.

We provide the patent file wrapper reviews and histories, which comprises the techno-legal records of patent specification, including the drawings and records of patent prosecution. File wrapper analysis is quite utilizable for patent licensing negotiations, patent infringement analysis or patent litigation proceedings. We analyze the complete prosecution stages of a patent application and present it in a concise report format.


We help our clients to determine the suitability and strength of the mark, unintended connotations of the proposed mark, how to opportunely utilize the mark, potential legal refusals to register the mark and other issues as may pertain to your particular circumstances. Our Trademark services include:

  • Assessment for registration
  • Novelty Searches
  • Clearance Searches
  • Trademark Filing
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Removal or cancellation of a Trademark
  • Trademark Renewals

Designs involve substantial investment. Registering designs prevents the conspicuously replication of a design and should often be utilized with other forms of intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks. Although a registered design only safeguards the appearance of an article and offers a limited form of protection, it is beneficial to register. A product may be the subject of both patent and design protection - patents and registered designs should not be viewed as mutually exclusive.

Our designs team has the necessary technical and legal qualifications as well as experience in the preparation, filing, prosecution and renewal of design applications

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